..."Without honoring the protections demanded by our federal and state constitutions, we run the risk of becoming a nation where citizens are accused of crimes, and thereafter, tried and convicted on the streets without benefit of any judicial process. It is by honoring the protections our founding fathers skillfully crafted that we ensure that there is equal justice under the law for all citizens, and we reduce the risk of instances where justice is not only delayed but also denied. One of the wonderful things about our legal system is that there is a voice for all participants, allowing us to resolve conflicts in a civilized manner. The only way the people can have confidence in the integrity of their legal system is if biases are cast aside and every voice is given the right to be heard."...

-Honorable Shirley Troutman (Erie County Court) August 29th, 2007

"Thank you to the dedicated men and women who have fostered the principles established by our esteemed founders to enlighten, educate and promote discourse between law enforcement, the judiciary and all who strive to enhance public safety and security for the greater good and the general welfare of our community."

-Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard, August 2007

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